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Annual Report 2016

Sr. Warden’s Report – Betty-Jeanne

The year of 2016 did not begin well with the delay in hiring of a full time priest.  I want to thank the Vestry of 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 for hanging in through numerous interviews and several disappointments.  This was an extremely long and tedious process but when the dust settled we finally announced on Feb. 14th “We have a priest” this congregation just erupted with applause and “Thanks be to God”.

Father Rick O’Brien said yes he would begin his minister with us part time and go full time on April 1, 2017.   The Vestry was thrilled.  His first service at Epiphany on March 6th he had a baptism.  What a wonderful way to start one’s ministry.

In February Epiphany hosted for the first time Standing Committee’s two day meeting as well as a Diocesan Stewardship Training.

Our Website Committee work every week to keep our Website and Facebook current.

We had a wonderful Lenten Study using “Heart Whispers” as our study.  We thank Teddi for saying yes when asked to lead.

April showers did not deter the 80 people who attended the Italian Dinner.  Mary with her love for cooking outdid herself once again.  We also thank her loyal team who purchased, chop food and serve such a marvelous meal.

In May was the 3rd Annual Convention for Nevadans for the Common Good with over 1500 in attendance.  We continue to be actively involved.

June brought us “Beer and Theology” – what a concept – which of course was well attended.   For the first time we offered Movie Night once a month through the summer..

July brought us our new Name Tags and magnetic board.  Now we are official.

August was Training Session for all ministers in Worship.  There were 44 in attendance.  After a   2 hour training Father treated everyone to pizza.

September starts with the kick off of Church School and this year’s theme “Sowing the Seeds of His love” and a real garden provided by the Burton family for the children to learn how to care for their plants.  The Choir returned from summer break.  “Faith Matters Late Night Addition” (aka Beer and Theology, part 2) lead by Fr. Rick which was held outside in the evening with 24 in attendance.

October began with Blessings of the Animals and Parish Picnic at Sonata Park.  Wine Tasting Fund raiser was a huge success!  Once again Mary with her co-chair Melissa (who always works behind the scenes) and Chef Mary and her husband who prepare the food so beautifully on the plates. We also had 11 children in Miss Betty-Jeanne’s room having fun and eating their favorite food – pizza. Thanks go to Sandra who has headed up the Silent Auction once again – we thank all you loyal participants in this marvelous fundraiser. 100% of the proceeds goes to Operating Expenses.

Our first Gift Discernment Workshop was held lead by Fr. Rick.

November brings the Holiday Craft & Gift Fair, its 2nd one.  We keep improving each year and many thanks our chair persons!

Epiphany started its own Outreach projects with the Mitten Tree and Gabriel’s Gift.  Both were a huge success.  Gabriel’s Gift will be year round helping the homeless in member of Gabriel Perez and the Mitten Tree will appear again late November and end on last Sunday in Christmas

Once again the Church School made its Advent cookies and fun was had by all.  The weather was perfect and having it outside the ants were so appreciative of the purple and pink sprinkles.

Our Advent Study using Underdogs and Outsiders went well.

December usually is a very quiet month leading up to Christmas but this year brought new traditions to Epiphany.   Lessons and Carols was introduced on Rose Sunday at 4:00 p.m. followed by hot chocolate and light refreshments.  Wow – what a wonderful experience and our Choir and Director did a marvelous job.  There were 85 in attendance, this is surely a keeper.

Our Family Service has been Epiphany’s largest service for many years and is loved by all since our children do the entire service with the exception of communion.  The music, readings and homily are all done by the Church School children.

This year the long awaited Midnight Mass happened for the first time with 80 in attendance.  The choir once again outdid themselves making beautiful music to our Lord.   Many thanks to the Choir and Kathy Steinbrenner for the many hours of practice and dedication – it has paid off. Epiphany’s Choir is the best by far in the Diocese, in this writer’s humble opinion.

We said good bye to four of our faithful and beloved servants: Sue Flynn, Jerry Wagers, Bob Knox and Gabriel Perez

Give rest, O Christ, to thy servants with they saints, where sorrow and pain are no more, neither sighing, but life everlasting.  Amen.


This has been quite a year for Epiphany and your Vestry along with the laity.   WE have fulfilled our vision in having our own property and our own priest.

As we look towards 2017 to new horizons, new visions and new experiences let us always be aware of who is really in charge, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  As long as we at Epiphany listen to His words and follow His path we will continue to be the “happy church” in this Diocese.

Junior Warden Report – Shawn 

Name tag board was installed and now parishioners have magnetic name tags to wear.  Riser were built to accommodate the increase in choir members. Our sincere thanks to Mark who never says no when asked to fix or design anything in our parish. (Known to some as the Jr. Jr. Warden)

Shelving units installed in the storage unit and thanks to Kathi & Jeff and Mark.

All toilets in the Men’s and Ladies room have been replaced.

Church Insurance inspection was done and the following suggestions were completed: Exit signs in all classrooms, fire extinguisher in kitchen, and electrical box between the two buildings was installed correctly as to prevent stubbing over loose cap.

Classrooms (Ms. Pat and Ms. Betty-Jeanne’s room) as well as the Jr./Sr. High room.  Leaks were stopped.

Front door closing mechanism was fixed as well as installing thicker weather stripping.

Outside clean-up was done to front bushes and sincere thanks to Howard for purchasing a brush trimmer.  Solar sights were installed, however, more will be needed.

Hospitality MinistryLaura 

Greeters – Carol did this ministry throughout the year and has scheduled out through March.

Feast of the Epiphany Dinner – On January 10, 2016, the Epiphany pledge dinner was held.  Chili and corn bread was served.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and special thanks were given to Fr. Dale and Deacon Sam. 

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper – Held for the first time in our new location on February 10, 2016.  Once again the children held pancake races and a good time was had by all.

Newcomer’s Luncheons – Newcomer’s got back on a regular schedule this year, over seen by Diane.  Luncheons were held on February 28, May 29 and September 18.

Coffee Hour – Continues every Sunday after 10am and for special services.  Thanks to everyone who has helped out with this and made it a success.

Memorial Services – A reception was held for Bob Knox for which the Prayer Shawl ladies provided refreshments.

Church Picnic/Blessing of the Animals – Organized by Shawn and held in Sonata Park on October 1, 2016.

Greet and Eat – Has not been active.  However, it was decided at the Ministry Review that Bill would take this over.

Amazon Smile – This continues been a very successful fundraiser for the little things that are so necessary to a church.

Smith’s Community Rewards Program – Like the Amazon Smile program, this has been very successful for Epiphany.

Escrip – We are still signed up with them, but they no longer have many stores in the Las Vegas area participating. 

Evangelism – Bill

Facebook – Kelly 

During 2016, the number of people who subscribed (“liked”) the Epiphany Facebook page increased by 28%.  Currently, there are 225 people following the Facebook page.

For non-paid posted material, the number of people who saw the information ranged from 5-360 people (the average exposure was 70-80 people).  These individuals saw the posted material either because they are subscribed to the Epiphany page or someone they know shared the information on their own page or commented on it.  Take away: the more likes, shares, and comments received on a post the higher the exposure rate.

Epiphany paid a total of $50 for two Facebook advertising campaigns – both related to the craft and gift fair.  The number of people who saw the advertising was 1,164 and 3,285.  These individuals saw the posted material because their demographics/preferences met the advertising criteria that was established.  Take away: for a relatively low cost Epiphany can advertise on Facebook to increase its exposure to the community. 

Newsletter and E-Blasts – Kelly 

In 2016, eight editions of The Good News were published.  This newsletter is distributed via email to the current membership of the church and anyone who requests it.  Currently, it is distributed to 155 recipients.   In addition, the newsletters are also posted on Epiphany’s website www.nvepiphany.org and on Epiphany’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/nvepiphany.

In November, Epiphany transitioned from a direct email distribution to a free email service called Mail Chimp.  Beginning in 2017, this new service will be used for distribution of E-Blasts, newsletters, and Reflections.  The reason for the transition stemmed from multiple email servers blocking the mass distribution, emails will be formatted for both mobile and desktop viewing, and no analytics were available with existing system (statistics on how often emails are opened).  For example, using Mail Chimp we now know that of the 155 recipients that received the November newsletter, 83 people opened the email, seven people clicked the link that was included within it, and two people unsubscribed to the distribution list.

In addition, Kelly created a number of beautiful and creative posters which were displayed around Epiphany during the year.

Website –  Tan

The website went through a number of necessary technical upgrades throughout the year.  The overall look and feel have remained the same.  We have integrated more visuals into the home page and have moved the gallery of images to Facebook.

Email/Application –  Tan  

We have enrolled in G Suite, Google’s range of Business application.  This has given us access to email addresses with the @nvepiphany.org extension and will allow for online (“cloud”) collaborative work and document storage/backup.

Welcome Table and Packets – Kris  

After making its debut for the 2015 Christmas season, the Newcomers Welcome Table continued performing its useful function throughout 2016.  It seems to have its permanent location in the Narthex next to the name tags.  It is visible for all newcomers to see as they walk through our front doors.  The table will continue to have seasonal welcome signs along with our guest registry.  Newly updated Epiphany business cards and trifold will be included on the table when they become available.  Kris will start sending out thank you notes to newcomers who sign our guest book.  The guest book entries provide valuable information about newcomers including names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.  In addition we are able to track how people find out about us, and zip code information gives us information for future market targeting.  We continue to distribute Welcome Packets to newcomer families.  The packets contain our trifold, business card magnet and extra card to give to friends, an Epiphany pen, flower seeds with a “Come Grow With Us” sticker and prayer card.

Community Expansion Committee – Laura and Bill  

The Community Expansion Committee continued its work into its second year in an effort to reach out and engage our congregation and also our community.  We worked in a variety of ways.  Epiphany strives to have our facilities used to the greatest extent possible.  To that end Epiphany hosted a number of meetings throughout the year. Two Narcotics Anonymous groups meet at Epiphany weekly.   Epiphany also attempted to host a Boy Scout troop and institute “Movie Nights” in the summer.  In June, the Vestry’s planning session led by Fr. Rick brought out one salient point:  the most important thing for us is to get to know our community.  With this in mind, we continue to move forward.  In October, along with the Committee on Gratitude, the Expansion Committee hosted a ministry fair to further engage members of the congregation in Epiphany activities.  We are looking at additional ways we can expand our outreach.

Education MinistryGina 

CHURCH SCHOOL:  The theme for this year is “Sowing the seeds of His love”

Spring 2016 Church School brought our annual lollipop fundraiser for Haiti, raising $349, flowering the cross on Easter Sunday, Easter egg hunt and an outreach water collection for Epicenter.  Mother’s Day flowers were delivered to all mothers on Mother’s Day and the children sang during the offertory.  At the request of Father O’Brien, Church School children made tongue of fire pins for all of the congregation to wear on Pentecost Sunday.  The last day of Church School was celebrated with a pool party at the Burton’s home on May 22nd.

The theme for the 2016-2017 Church School year is “Sowing the Seeds of His Love”, chosen at the Church School Committee retreat held August 20th.  Gina continues to serve as Church School Director.  There are 48 children registered in grades Pre-K through high school.  The Church School Committee consists of 8 active members, all certified in Safe Guarding God’s Children.

We have a new teacher on the committee, Leslie, who is teaching 5th – 7th graders.  The Burton family generously donated the funds and time to construct a Church School garden in line with the theme.  Several family plots were created and annuals planted.  Planting will continue with the changing seasons.

The committee kicked off Advent 2016 with our traditional Advent Family Fellowship wreath cookies on November 20th after the 10 a.m. service.

Sue, our gifted committee musician, arranges the children to sing two other times during the year during the Offertory Hymn, something enjoyed by our entire congregation.   She once again did an outstanding job leading our Family Christmas Service on Christmas Eve.

NURSERY:  Mary and Betty-Jeanne are doing a great job coordinating the nursery needs.  We have 6 registered nursery age children.  We are working on providing two volunteers each Sunday for 2017.

OLDER YOUTH:   Our 8th grade through 12th grade students meet for Church School class meet 2x per month and attend service the other Sundays.  Our older youth activities outside of class are coordinated by Tan and Melissa.  For example, the Scales family hosted cookie baking at their home this Christmas season.

Seven of our youth collaborated and delivered the Christmas family service homily.

CONFIRMATION: Betty-Jeanne held confirmation class starting March 31st through May 12th.  Seven attended class and during the Bishop’s visit on May 15th, there were 4 confirmed, 3 received and 2 re-affirming.

STILL LISTENING: Carol offers this home based bible study the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. The group study various books from the Old and New Testament, and in 2016 studied Hebrews, Esther and King David.



Lenten Study:  Our sincere thanks to Teddie for heading up our 5 week Lenten study on Heart Whispers by Elizabeth J. Canham.

Advent Study:  Our sincere thanks to Laura for heading up our 4 week Advent study using the book titled “Underdogs and Outsiders: A Bible Study on the Untold Stories of Advent”.


Care & Calling MinistryCindy

Home/Hospital Communions and visits – In 2016 we had 22 Care and Calling visits to shut-ins as well as hospital visits.  This is a very important ministry keeping our shut-ins connected to our community worship services.

  • Last Rites 4
  • Home Visits & hospital visits 22

Eucharistic Visitors:  This year Epiphany has increased its Licensed Eucharistic Visitors  from two to four.  

UTO – In 2016 Epiphany had a great response to the Spring and Fall UTO in gathering by sending to the Diocese $585.00 in addition to individuals who made check to UTO. 

Newcomer notes – Diane for the last two years has handwritten welcoming notes to newcomer that attend Epiphany.  We are thankful for such a loyal parishioner in this ministry.  She has moved out of state in late November and Kris has graciously accepted this ministry.


Worship Ministry – Elsa

The worship committee is comprised of a very organized and efficient group of volunteers, who donate their time and talent weekly to ensure the smooth running of our worship services.  Many of them have been in their current positions for several years and their knowledge and dedication is invaluable.  Particularly during this time of transition as we move forward with Fr. Rick O’Brien as Priest-In-Charge.  Epiphany is blessed to have this group working together for our congregation.

Connie – Acolytes (Youth)

There are 8 Youth Acolytes

Kris – Acolytes (Adult)

There are 5 Adult Acolytes

Elsa – Altar Guild

There are currently 9 members.

Kris – Eucharistic Ministers

There are currently 13 Eucharistic Ministers

Cindy – Lay Eucharistic Visitors

There are currently 4 lay person and our 2 Deacons

Kathy – Music

The Choir is comprised of23 members

Teddie – Readers

There are currently 28 Readers.

Carol – Ushers

There are currently 8 Ushers.

All of these ministries would welcome new members.  If you are interested, please call any of them.


Stewardship Ministry – Kristen

Year-round Stewardship continued at Epiphany throughout 2016 with the creation of the “Committee on Gratitude” (COG).

There were many highlights and new events that COG organized this year, including a Stewardship play, assistance with the Ministry Fair, ongoing Ministry Minutes where parishioners share what they are thankful for about Epiphany, stir up pudding, thank you cards to parishioners, and Military appreciation with story boards to thank our Veterans and those currently serving in the Military.

Epiphany hosted a “Project Resource” training session in February.  This training was sponsored by the house of bishops with the intent to provide diocesan congregations better resources for Stewardship through training, consulting and online resource materials. The entire Committee on Gratitude as well as several Vestry members attended this valuable training.

Our Annual Giving Campaign was a success with the Parish reaching and exceeding its goals to overcome a budget shortfall.

2016 Epiphany giving statistics:

  • Adult Pledges            83
  • Youth Pledges           9
  • New Pledges              17
  • Increased Pledges    48
  • Our total pledged giving for 2017 is $216,600


Capital Campaign – no capital campaign in 2016

Planned Giving – no workshop in 2016

Epiphany has been very blessed in 2016 by so many parishioners giving of their time, treasure, resources and knowledge.  Thanks be to God!

Outreach – Scott and Carol

Food Collection: Judy has continued to be a leader in the food pantry collection at Christ Church, and providing baskets for collection at Epiphany. She continued leading food drives and special collections throughout the year. Epicenter on the Parkway is an emergency food bank for the needy in the downtown community around Christ Church.

Judy also runs the Treasure House Thrift Shop, earning money through its sales to support Epicenter’s Food Bank, camp scholarships at Camp Galilee, and many special projects, like the baptismal font, and Paschal candle at Epiphany.

Book Club: Helene spearheads the book club and she notes that throughout the year, book club is thriving and introducing other outreach including the Pelagians. Speakers have also been invited to share information, learning and spiritual exploration throughout the year.

Men’s Breakfast Club: This club unfortunately was dissolved after Bob’s passing in 2016.

Also we started two new Outreach programs at Epiphany – the Mitten Tree and Gabriel’s Gift. Shawna Perez presented to the Vestry 11/15/16 regarding her Gabriel’s Gift organization, and how our church community can support helping the homeless one care package at a time.

There are some interesting ideas being circulated to expand our outreach opportunities here at Epiphany in 2017.

Angel Food – Shawn Woolworth is the coordinator for this ministry.  Meals are delivered to families in need after surgeries, illness, etc.  In 2016 eleven meals were served to those in need.

Prayer Shawl – this ministry was started in June of 2006.  Shawn leads this ministry of 18 members.  They meet once a week to knit and crochet shawls for individuals in need.  They distributed 50 shawls in 2016.  In total 840 shawls have been distributed to date.

Another group of ladies headed by Edna make baby blankets that are distributed to UMC maternal and child care, Sunrise Children’s Hospital, St. Jude’s Child Haven and The Shade Tree.  All blankets have Epiphany’s name on them.

Shoe Collection – Shawn collects gently used clothes and shoes for adults and children. They are then distributed to Robert Taylor School and McCaw Elementary School.  This outreach will discontinue once Shawn leaves.  Hopefully someone will take over this worthwhile ministry.