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Thursday’s Reflection

I was rummaging through some notebooks that hold my random thoughts and snippets of inspiration.  I find that if I don’t write down a thought immediately then I tend to lose it. When I try to remember it later the recollection doesn’t happen. I have instant recall it just takes me a few minutes. I found an interesting article clipped from a long-ago thrown out magazine. It was a report on a study of Human behavior based on media infused stimuli that affected the reaction to senses of perception. I would like to share the results of experiment.


A short film was produced that graphically portrayed a scene of a little girl and her trip home from the store.  The day is sunny and you get the feeling of warm breezes that are gently moving leaves in the trees with their soft shadows forming on a country path.  The little girl is skipping down that narrow cobbled lane and several people are in the scene smiling fondly as she passes.  At the end of the path the child is reunited with her Mother and all is well. Light summery music is in the background giving a feeling of well-being.  Your attention is focused entirely on the child with the surrounding sights in your peripheral.  All is happy and light.  A very pleasant and enjoyable thought.


Now here is where the fun begins.  The same scene is shown again- sunny day, little girl skipping along the cobblestone path, same number of people in view only this time you are listening to sinister music playing in the background.  With the different tone you can see the people smiling at the little girl but with the different direction of the music the image of a man is noticed at the mouth of a dark alley watching her. He was in both scenes but not noticed until the music changed and alerted the viewer that there might be something sinister going on.  Even though the ending is the same with the child reuniting with her Mother there is a feeling of relief that all is well.


I see this experiment as a perfect example of “one’s perception is their reality” with two different interpretations fed by an outside stimulus.  How often do we see something innocent in our everyday life that leads us to a conclusion or assumption that something is not right?   How many times do we hold judgment on someone’s behavior assuming the worst and not the best? What are the influences in our daily lives that shade a daily event with suspicion and fear?


I attribute our fears and suspicions entirely on the Media that only broadcast the news in a negative light.  The words relayed to us (the audience) give us a sense of wariness and suspicion to our fellow man.  It does get the stations ratings because good news doesn’t sell advertising.  The thing that annoys me is that this form of reporting is constantly undermining our constructive open views of our fellow humans.  In today’s society stereotypes are the norm and more visible in the way we view different cultures.


Here’s a thought.  What if you, for one day, unplugged yourself from technology.  Turn off the TV to avoid the news and talk shows that do nothing but focus on societal issues with negative points of view.  You won’t miss much, if the world ends the news on TV won’t matter.…….. I have never watched one of these broadcasts and felt good about life afterward. Refrain from checking messages and internet on the so-called smart phones.  And for Heavens sake turn of your text device.


If you want a break for a few hours here are some suggestions of what to do with your mind:


  • Pick up a magazine that you have never read before.


  • Start up a conversation with someone whose ethnicity is different from your own. Listen and learn about traditions, history and values.


  • Watch a movie from a type you normally avoid.  Nothing too extreme- no nightmares please.


  • Take a trip to a place you have never been, maybe a park, mall or day trip to a near-by attraction.  Keep a journal of impressions and thoughts.  Share with unplugged family members.


  • Try a style of food that is new to you.  Or explore a restaurant you have seen and have been meaning to try. Take a good friend and enjoy


  • Buy a book by an author you have never read before or borrow from one of our Libraries.


  • Listen to a new style of music.  It is sometimes interesting to hear rhythms and sounds of different music genres.


  • Free yourself from the shackles of your e-mail, voice mail and internet.


Let’s find a different source of mental stimulation that will take us to a higher level. It is only for a few hours or a day.  If your results are satisfying, begin to set aside another day to repeat the experiment.


Please join me in relieving stress by side- stepping  the technical handcuffs that we hold so important in our lives. Free yourself to live in the reality of this beautiful planet that we call home and touch and feel the life that was given us by the Grace of God.



Carol C.